If you’re looking for fresh, local, organic food, you’ve come to the right place! Becoming a member in Everdale’s Harvest Share program is the only way to access food directly from the farm.  For more information, you can read the FAQ's below.  Shares start from as low as $27.84 per pick-up.

We believe that our Harvest Share program can deepen your connection with your food, your farmers, and the land. As a Harvest Shareholder, Everdale becomes your farm.

Now taking registrations for pick-ups starting in June!

You can read the FAQ's below and the full details package on the registration form in the link below for all the information.  

If you have any questions/want to discuss your options please get in touch at: harvestshare@everdale.org

Member Benefits:

  • 20-40+ seasonal fruits and vegetables to choose from each week

  • flexible membership lengths so you can skip a week without worrying

  • 4 share sizes to suit your needs

  • invitations to farm events and activities

  • Workshare opportunities are available.  Please see our 'Get Involved' page


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