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Now you can get most of your food needs from Everdale. Think of Everdale as a “one-stop shop” for much more than fruits and vegetables. Sign up today, space is limited.

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a Harvest Share Membership yet? We can still help with your food needs. Great food. Good prices - but not as low as member pricing.


Click below to order.  

For placing orders, the link below will only be active between Friday at 4 pm and Monday at midnight.

We deliver within the shaded area of the map below, if you live outside this area you can pick-up your order on the farm. On-farm pick-up is also an option for those that live within our delivery area but would like to avoid the delivery fee.

Everdale’s Grocery Buying Club


Harvest Share Members are eligible to participate in Everdale’s Grocery Buying Club. Email if you want to participate.

How the Grocery Buying Club works:

  • You choose the groceries you want from the Ontario Natural Food Company (ONFC) online catalogue. ONFC has an extensive catalogue that covers a wide range of grocery products. If you ever shop in the health food section of large supermarkets you will be familiar with many of the brands they carry.

  • You pay the wholesale price listed in the catalogue, plus a 15% administrative fee to Everdale for assembling orders, receiving, sorting, and handling bulk payments to ONFC. Most items must be ordered by the case which is why you get almost-wholesale pricing. This is a great way to stock your pantry with the products you use most often.

  • Everdale receives a shipment from ONFC every two weeks. You can put in an order every two weeks, or less often. It’s totally up to you how frequently you order.

  • It takes about a week from the time you order to when it arrives at Everdale. Pick-up times for ONFC orders are at the same time as Everdale’s Harvest Share pick-up.

  • Your payment is made by e-transfer on the day of pick up.



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