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Pasture-raised meat

Beef, pork, lamb, chicken

Organically raised on pasture

Email to place your order.

See our boxed meat menu below. Prices are about 25% less/lb than buying by the individual package. Box contents fit in a standard-size household freezer compartment.

If you prefer, you can also buy our meat by the individual package at our farm store, open Thursdays 1-8pm (every other Thursday, January to April).

Beef                             $360

30 lbs. A selection of ground, premium steaks, stewing beef chunks, and a small roast. Once you try top quality pasture-raised beef you won’t want to go back to feedlot beef! 

Lamb                            $350

25 lbs. A selection of ground, premium chops, sausage, and a small roast. Even non-lamb-lovers love our lamb! It doesn’t have the gamey flavour of New Zealand grain-fed lamb. Your guests will be saying, “Mmmm, is this lamb?”.

Pork                             $220

20 lbs. A selection of sausage and premium chops. You’ll notice the difference between our pork and storebought pork. Our pork has richer flavour and superior texture!

Meat Lover’s                $425

35 lbs. A selection of Beef, Lamb, and Pork. 20 lbs of beef (ground, premium steaks, stewing beef chunks), 7½ lbs of pork (sausage, premium chops), 7½ lbs of lamb (ground, sausage, premium chops). Roasts included on request.

Stewing Chicken           $95 - SOLD OUT

10 whole chickens - individually packaged. Prized by chefs, “stewing hens” are former egg-laying hens that have had a full life roaming free on pasture. They are MUCH more flavourful and nutrient-dense than the 6-week-old chickens you’ll find in the supermarket. Stewing hens are best served slow cooked in stews and soups. Simmer until the meat falls off the bone. Enjoy chicken like you’ve never tasted before.

Email to place your order.

All our meat is:

  • Free-range. Our animals live outside. They prefer it that way. When they want shelter, they go inside.

  • Free of growth hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. We follow organic farming practices that regenerate the land and enhance local biodiversity. 

  • Grade A government inspected.

  • Individually packaged and frozen.

  • As well as receiving their daily nutritious feed, our animals also receive generous amounts of Grade B (“ugly”) organic veggies from our farm. This diversifies their diet and makes them very happy. 

  • Our ruminants (cows and sheep) are pasture-raised. Delicious pasture-raised meat requires high quality pasture. Everdale’s rolling hill pasture is a multi-species buffet of grasses and legumes.

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