A mix of Red Russian, Westlander, Scarlet and/or Dazzling Blue


Red Russian - grow leaves that are flat, toothed, grey-green leaves with purple stems and veins really brighten after frosts. Tender for salads and good for bunching, the red and purple hues turn a rich, dark green colour when cooked. It may be richer in vitamins and minerals than other greens and is very disease resistant. 

Westlander - Compares well to hybrid kales. Extremely cold-hardy variety with large, flavorful leaves. Compact shape and loose green curls. Densely ruffled blue-green leaves with uniform size and shape.

Dazzling Blue - Vigorous plants produce leaves with purple midribs and a range of colors that intensify in cool temperatures. Hardier than the traditional Lacinato. Ideal for raw kale salads

Scarlet - plants that grow tall, with highly curled leaves. Scarlet has great flavour either as baby leaf or mature kale, and the flavour improves (along with the colour) after frost. This is a handsome, ornamental, and very edible kale to try in your organic vegetable garden. 

Kale (mix)

  • 4-pack