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Everdale on your table

Everdale is Canada’s oldest farm membership program.
As a Member, you get access to fresh organic food from our fields and from our partner farms across Ontario.
Our organic local selection is better than any store.


Please fill out the form below to join the Harvest Share program! Once we receive your request we will send an invoice from our secure payment processor. If you need help determining how much to spend or how many pick-ups to attend please check the FAQ's at the bottom of the page or email us at We look forward to seeing you on the farm!

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Harvest Share Registration

Customize your Harvest Share

To get your total share cost, multiple how much you will be spending each pick-up by the number of pick-ups you'll be attending.  

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Thank you for submitting! We will send you an invoice in the near future. Looking forward to seeing you on the farm!


The benefits of Membership


  • Delicious & Fresh. Grown and harvested just for you.

  • Selection. Our Members-only Farm Store carries the widest array of local organic fruits, vegetables, and other fresh food products in Ontario. The food comes from Everdale’s fields and from other local farms and food businesses.

  • Convenience. You choose how much food you need and how often you come. Can’t make it for this week’s food pick-up? Need to purchase a bit extra this week for that dinner party? Going on holiday? No problem, we’ve got you covered!

  • Connection. Everdale is a field to fork experience. Our farm is your farm, and we live by the motto, “Know your food, know your farmer.” You’ll meet our farm team when you come to pick up your food. Our 50-acre property is open for you to explore and enjoy. Visit our friendly sheep and chickens. Take a stroll on our 2 km trail through forests, fields, and meadows. Chill out in our sunny courtyard.

  • Security. Recent world events have shown us that local food is more than a quaint feel-good thing. It’s essential for a safe and healthy society. As a Member, you’ll have a reliable and safe supply of fresh food.

  • Private Events. Members have exclusive rental access to our Community Centre for private parties. You also get discount rates on the rental of our Strawbale Cabins for overnight vacations (#Be-a-Tourist-in-your-own-community😊)


Giving Back


  • As well as the above Benefits, when you are a Harvest Share Member you are helping to make our community healthier! Revenue from the Harvest Share supports Everdale’s charitable mission.

  • Each year, we grow thousands of dollars of fresh food for local food banks and community agencies.

  • We train new farmers, teach life-long food skills to kids, and connect people of all ages and backgrounds to the land.

Sign up to be a Member


2024 is Everdale's 26th year as your community farm!!!

Thank you to all of our Members, past, present and future, for trusting us with your family’s health, and for making us Canada’s oldest farm membership. We love growing fresh food for our community!

  • Near and Natural: Grades 4-12
    Students discover the nutritional, environmental and socio-economic benefits of eating local food. As well, they learn how to source local food, what foods are in season and how to preserve the bounty for year-round enjoyment
  • Market Garden Magic: Grades K-3
    How do you grow a healthy, delicious vegetable? This workshop allows students to follow the magical journey of their food. The day begins by learning what healthy soil is and why it’s important for plants. From there, it’s on to the greenhouse to discover what plants need to grow and thrive. Then it’s on to the fields where students learn all about the different parts of plants and plant functions. They may even get a chance to harvest and taste some market-ready vegetables.
  • Soil Detectives: Grades K-3
    How are we connected to the soil? Students learn the answer to this as they become more familiar with the roles that time, wind, water, micro-organisms, light and heat play on soil health. They also explore how humans can contribute to the health of soil and why that is so important.
  • Farmer for a Day: Grades K-12
    This workshop gives students an integrated farm experience that focuses on seasonal activities. No two days on the farm are ever the same and each season brings different priorities. Students will don their farmer hats and help out with farm chores, discover what’s in season in the fields and participate in related seasonal activities.
  • Field Work on the Farm: Grades 9-12
    Students learn about ecological agriculture while working alongside our farmers. This program is designed for the class that wants to dig deeper into field work (literally). We will explore the farm and participate in field work tasks. Students garner a better understanding of tools and farm systems.
  • Biological Farming: Grades 7-12
    Students examine first hand, different methods used to grow market garden vegetables sustainably. We will also trace products from the field to the marketplace, discuss crop rotation, erosion and compost.
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