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Everdale will not be offering a Farm Camp for 2023. We simply do not have the capacity to host your junior famers. It is a program that is near and dear to our hearts and we hope to be able to bring it back in future seasons. For that reason, we will leave the info up from our last camp season in 2019 to give you an idea of what we have offered in the past. Please know that we sorely miss the energy of our summer campers and we hope you can find another way to get your children out to the farm this season. 

Everdale provides hands-on food and farming education to build and engage healthy local food communities. Farm Camp is a unique and very special program that highlights the best of what a community based working farm has to offer.


July 6th – July 10th       Farm Explorers (ages 5-10)

July 13th – July 17th     Farm Explorers (ages 5-10)
July 27th – July 31st     Farm Explorers  (ages 5-10)
Aug. 10th – Aug. 14th     Future Farmers (ages 10-15)

We are looking forward to our 11th season of Farm Camp in 2020!   This one of a kind camper experience has grown from three powerful words – Explore, Experience, Discover.   The goal of Farm Camp  is to provide a meaningful experience for your child by providing opportunities for connection to food, and the natural world.   Each day your young farmer will come home brimming with stories of  harvesting vegetables, exploring the forest, planting seeds, feeding sheep AND making delicious goodies like pesto, jam, salsa, bread, cheese and more!

We keep our camps small in numbers, so sign up early to give your camper an unforgettable experience on the farm!
  • All sessions times are Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm

  • All sessions  $225  (+HST)

  • Sibling discounts

  • Full price, first camper – $225   (+HST)

  • 10% off  second camper -$202.50  (+HST)

  • 15% off third and more  -$191.25  (+HST) 

If you are interested in applying for a subsidy for your child(s), please complete this form.

Everdale Hillsburgh Community Teaching Farm
Everdale Hillsburgh Community Teaching Farm

Farm Explorers: Ages 5-10
July 6th – 10th 
July 13th – 17th
July 27th - 31st

Grounded in a comprehensive and dynamic approach to food, farming and fun, this session allows campers to explore everything that the farm has to offer in a safe and inclusive way.  Campers will be busy with our five focus areas: planting, harvesting, animal care, cooking, and creative art. From seeding veggies, to harvesting garlic, to planting kale, to creative art and preparing delicious salsa, campers will be deeply rooted in this unique journey.  Aside from their farm tasks, campers will also bring home a daily taste of the farm and lots of recipes to share with friends and family – campers new cooking and farm skills will continue to bring nourishment and smiles long after camp ends! Sign your child up to be a Farm Explorer and give them an experience they will remember and love forever!

Everdale Hillsburgh Community Teaching Farm

Future Farmers: Ages 10-15

August 10th - 14th

The future farmers program is for the slightly older camper.  The program focuses on all aspects of farm production with a dash of leadership and team building.   We also take into account the camper’s ability to engage longer with tasks and also their ability for some light tool use – both can lead to some incredible garden outcomes and mouth-watering farm products! Most of the week is spent creating, learning, and planning in preparation for Thursday’s Pop-Up market table at our Harvest Share pick up. All proceeds from the “pay-what-you-can” market table go towards a Camp Scholarship established by the Future Farmers in 2014.  This is a special program that allows campers to become leaders and guide their own experience on the farm and truly create a positive change for the future.

  • Near and Natural: Grades 4-12
    Students discover the nutritional, environmental and socio-economic benefits of eating local food. As well, they learn how to source local food, what foods are in season and how to preserve the bounty for year-round enjoyment
  • Market Garden Magic: Grades K-3
    How do you grow a healthy, delicious vegetable? This workshop allows students to follow the magical journey of their food. The day begins by learning what healthy soil is and why it’s important for plants. From there, it’s on to the greenhouse to discover what plants need to grow and thrive. Then it’s on to the fields where students learn all about the different parts of plants and plant functions. They may even get a chance to harvest and taste some market-ready vegetables.
  • Soil Detectives: Grades K-3
    How are we connected to the soil? Students learn the answer to this as they become more familiar with the roles that time, wind, water, micro-organisms, light and heat play on soil health. They also explore how humans can contribute to the health of soil and why that is so important.
  • Farmer for a Day: Grades K-12
    This workshop gives students an integrated farm experience that focuses on seasonal activities. No two days on the farm are ever the same and each season brings different priorities. Students will don their farmer hats and help out with farm chores, discover what’s in season in the fields and participate in related seasonal activities.
  • Field Work on the Farm: Grades 9-12
    Students learn about ecological agriculture while working alongside our farmers. This program is designed for the class that wants to dig deeper into field work (literally). We will explore the farm and participate in field work tasks. Students garner a better understanding of tools and farm systems.
  • Biological Farming: Grades 7-12
    Students examine first hand, different methods used to grow market garden vegetables sustainably. We will also trace products from the field to the marketplace, discuss crop rotation, erosion and compost.


“Farm Camp is so much more than a camp… it is a way to create a direct connection to nature. I knew from the first day that the week was going to be magnificent… my son felt very comfortable immediately, and was so excited. It is so obvious how much care and thought has gone into developing Farm Camp.”

“This is what a good camp should be like!”

“A rare and incredible experience for young people!”

“This is our 5th year- our kids can’t wait to come back each year!”

“My daughter came home with stories of making paper, learning in the fields, making raspberry jam, and collecting eggs!”

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