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About us

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About Us

Everdale was founded in 1998 and became a  registered charity in 2000. Our mission is to be a farm-based organization that provides hands-on, solution-based food and farming education to build and engage healthy local communities. To accomplish this we deliver a wide range of hands-on learning programs on food and farming to people of all ages and backgrounds. We have a few main areas of focus.

  • Production Farm - We grow about three acres of annual organic vegetables.  These are sold to our community through our Harvest Share program and provided to our community partners for use in their food security initiatives.

  • Youth Education - Everdale's Farm Camp program has seen thousands of children spend part of their summer at the farm.

  • Farmer Training - Everdale runs a number of programs designed to get people the skills they need in order to be successful farmers and entrepreneurs.  

Staff Contact


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Karen Campbell 🐑

Farm/Youth Director & Founder
519-855-4859 x105

Gavin Dandy  🥧 

Executive Director & Founder
519-855-4859 x104

David Alexander 🥜 
Farm Programs Coordinator
519-855-4859 x101

Colleen Darrell

519-855-4859 x112

#teammembertuesday _Carrot (the barn cat
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Everdale Farmer Project Seasons, April 2

Board Of Directors:

Everdale is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors whom provide leadership and guide the strategic direction of our organization. Over the years we have had many great volunteer board members step up from the community and many are still involved with Everdale! Interested in participating as a board member? Please contact Gavin to learn more.



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